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the comment on 5 dogs, which? killed baby?

u assume do 2 your ref.2 breed ban list, that it must have been the rottweiler and the pitbull dogs, as u see them! how would u like others 2 assume u commited a crime without knowing the facts. the whole ban began with false facts to begin with about a rottie.but a news reporter needed a story at the time which got national attention and ruined rotts reputation.she later newsperson tried 2 make it rite but it was to late. this is only one example of tons of others, if u would care to look at facts. also,u may like to look at all the good work rottweilers and shepherds do for our country and communities. there good by far outways any bad news about them. when is the last time u ever heard of a doberman doing anything bad? i've owned all 3 of these breeds, the best dogs i have ever seen! The prob. is when a breed becomes popular,idiots "people"do the wrong things with the dogs!! The list should b of the type of persons not allowed to own certain breeds NOT breed discrimination!5 dogs will form a pack!why would anyone have a baby around a pack of 5 dogs??is a more appropriate question i believe at this point. owners r suppose 2 b responsible for their dogs and children, when they aren't bad things happen.i small dog can kill a baby too, but the story isn't as good as accusing a "bad labeled breed"is it? people r so ignorant unless they have loved a dog or dogs now on this list and have a better understanding of dogs and educate their selves about them. i am so sorry 4 the baby, this should not happen! Lisa


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