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The Berger File:

Here We go again II. Now He says no booze, no drugs, no gun, no razor wound. Somebody is lying. I know Ralph Evangelous well enough to know it ain't Him. If it is one of His subordinates, they can go ahead and start looking for another job outside of law enforcement. Brian You need to shut the hell up with your wild accusations. It all starts with You and believe Me, It will end with your views that everyone is conspiring to get you. What, You don't answer the door for 20 minutes? What are You doing? flushing Your stash? Poor Brian, I popped some pills, had a wine cooler, started crying uncontrollably and had to compose myself. Your crazy girlfriend is bringing You down and You try to discredit everyone who ends up at your doorstep. I am sure the EMS, The Police, probably Fire also were all fighting to get there first and see what they can conjure up. What a poor, pitiful little shell of a man. And, three more years of it.


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