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The Berger File:

Narcissist. I am right and everyone else is wrong. I can think of a couple of more people Mr. Berger has in his political circle who think the same way. They have that right. Everyone has that right. Mr Berger, Your escapades just always end up in the public light. What should be personal problems always turn public with You. This is no right wing conspiracy, Your political stance has been noted as conservative, though with Your often rambling, unprepared dialog it is often hard to understand what You are trying to convey. Now calling out the chief. Instead of an E-Mail go see the man and see what his explanation is on the differences of what was observed at your home on the night in question. I am sure The Chief would also like this matter cleared up....Publicly. Now if this turns out not in Your favor, I would expect your resignation from the board the following day. If the Police Department is supplying a falsehood, I expect Heads to roll also. Don't wait a month. This should be addressed Now. Right now all You are doing is wasting the time of public assets and that needs to stop.


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