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I can see how somyhing like this could happen,Im currentl having a dispute with one of my neighbors, on that has been going on for nearly 4 year's, the bad part is these situ's tend to escalate over time by one or both of the individual's in my situ the neighbor began calling my probation officer and telling him I was a drug dealer,calling the zoneing commision,calling vice and the sherriff and having surveilance set up on me and my family,telling the neighbor's I was a drug dealer,driving by my home and getting plate number's of guest's and friend's even seding his children to spy for him,its hard not to became angry to the point where you want to do somthing to stop the harrassment but there are other way's to deal with this in the courts as I am doing now but it still has me worried because I dont know what he will do next.


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