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I don't think Mr. Berger is

I don't think Mr. Berger is a liar and I think for you to call him that is simply unfair. I do, however, think Mr. Berger does have some personal issues that he truly needs to deal with. I have mixed emotions about WWAY's reporter and how he was following Mr. Berger around like that. On the one hand I am empathetic towards Mr. Berger, he does have a valid point about his personal life being just that. However, I think his argument loses some of its merit when his personal life starts affecting how he performs his job as a commissioner. Whether he likes it or not he represents New Hanover County and how he conducts himself outside of his duties as a commissioner is a reflection on him and the county as well. That's simply part of being a politician. I did vote for Mr. Berger and I'm still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him the chance to be an effective leader. However, if his personal life continues to be such a distraction and he continues to seem a little off (my opinion, not meant to be insulting) then I won't be voting for him again. Come on Mr. Berger, you seem like a really nice guy, get it together and give me some really good reasons to vote for you again!


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