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Ok then...Scott..."YOU"

Ok then...Scott..."YOU" acted unprofessionally on how you conducted yourself during that interview...News Director or not. If anyone should have done this interview better...the News Director should have.
Thanks for pointing the finger at yourself regardless of Berger's flaws in your eyes, or the public's eyes as you see it. Very unprofessional reporting just to get the wrestling fans reading and watching these post in an uproar.
Do you not think for a moment that when an individual is on antidepressants, and they are under a doctors care, and are in need of help...and are subject to uncertainty...that's the time to fire both barrels at an individual? Whether the individual is a professional in the public's eye...or just an everyday Joe you were out of line. Maybe this man needs to step down and tend to his health. I'm sure WWAY will try its best to see to that, and make his life a living H*** in the process all in the name of "TV Ratings".
If there ever comes a time in your life when a friend needs to seek professional help...start criticizing their actions to you have experience at it. Put the shoe on the other foot.


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