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No excuses WWAY

I agree that when you're an elected official you're under more scrutiny than the average person. And I agree that there have been numerous problems with Commissioner Berger in the last few months.

But that doesn't excuse the nasty, in-your-face rude manner in which Mr. Berger was interviewed by the "news" director, Scott "Tabloid" Pickey.

Anyone who watched the interview on TV can see the pain and anguish in Mr. Berger's eyes. My heart breaks for this young man because it's obvious he needs help. Perhaps you should have sent Asha or another young lady to interview him.

Ever heard the expression "it's not what you say, it's how you say it"? That's how it is with WWAY. While other local news outlets will run one story on this WWAY's MO is to run numerous stories on Brian Berger with sensationalist headlines that all but jump off the screen.

There has been more than one occasion where, in an effort to be "first on 3" WWAY has misrepresented the facts. Last night, when Brian was on time for the meeting, is one example. The other news outlets both stated that he was on time yet your newscast and web site said he was late. In June you sent a reporter and camera man to a local meeting and then reported here that Brian was "late", when in fact he was 10 minutes early to the actual meeting, which was a county meeting where no one has to attend if they don't want to. Other commissioners never even show up.

I do not disagree that this situation needs to be addressed among the commissioners and Mr. Berger needs to make some tough choices, but the feeling that I got from that ambush interview last night was that Scott Pickey would kick a wounded animal if he found one. And I will stand by that opinion!


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