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Scott, how about a meaningful poll?

Instead of "Are you more scared of a snowstorm or a tornado," how about asking "Do you think that Commissioner Brian Berger should resign?"

I'd like to see how he handles the question, "Brain, our poll indicates that X percent of the respondents feel you should resign. What do you say to those people?"

All of you accusing WWAY of some heinous hounding or ulterior motive need to get a grasp on reality. Berger has made his own bed and WWAY is simply reporting facts. WWAY didn't carve up his arm. WWAY didn't send the police to his house for the third time this year. WWAY doesn't keep him from getting to meetings on time. WWAY didn't cut him off and force him to slam into that woman's car, and then not know if he was insured or not. WWAY didn't rip the handle off his girlfriend's car and throw it at her as she drove away.

Maybe you see nothing alarmingly wrong with a thirty-five year-old hacking at his arm with a razor and the quarterly visits by WPD, but the is no longer the man I want providing 20% of the leadership of this county's board. We need a RATIONAL, STABLE, MATURE individual in that seat.


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