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your bad

The fact Brian Berger ever got elected as county commissioner speaks loudly about how desperate we were (AND STILL ARE)to get rid of all incumbants.

The next election we should all do our homework on the candidates and be sure we have someone who can function in society. We need to know who they are affiliated with, where they work and what their agenda is.

We all know that Brian Berger is not a well man. The fact WWAY got in his face trying to interview him, followed him into another area and in to what I assume was his office was totally out of line. Treatment like that can push a man with his issues over the edge. He obviously can't communicate and surely isn't going to tell the public what is going on with him at this time. We all need to leave him alone and hope that someone can find a way to get him out of the county position.

As for the way the reporter got in his face. . . you better well be glad it wasn't me. I assure you I would have gotten you away from me. I may have had a bit of trouble afterward but you would sure think before you got up someone else's nostrils. WAY OUT OF LINE!!


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