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Lets see...BCC you apparently weren't around when Berger first ran for office or you are a friend of an incumbent that lost his seat to him. No. You are just another late addition to the band wagon ride. When Mr. Berger ran for office he wasn't displaying mental instability. If every one were honest and look back they might be able to pinpoint when changes became very apparent. These instabilities are a recent manifest over the course of the few year or so. It is apparent that Mr. Berger is spiraling down a path that requires intervention and a diagnosis from DSM-IV. He does need to step down.

It is apparent you think your county is above lounging in a septic pool.

I am familiar with your good ole' boy (girl) club there in Bladen. Spent a lot of time out there in E-Town and lovely hunting grounds with the local locos, and attending church. You all do an outstanding job hiding each others skeletons. You have to. Because each of you have something you want to stay hidden isn't that right? Bubba? Or is it Bubbette? God forbid the Church finds out, or your spouse, or even your constituents.

To the Good Folks of Bladen I am sorry that you have to contend with less than admirable kin folk. To you BCC if you are not guilty of the above then don't take it personal. But, don't be trashing my county.


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