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People Who Have Nothing To Hide...

... and have done nothing wrong should have no issue defending themselves. In fact, they should WANT the chance to set things straight! The fact that Brian Berger refuses to even try and defend himself in a live interview (where he can't take 30 minutes answering 3 questions and risk his falsehoods being revealed with slips of the tongue and body language) speaks volumes in my opinion. I know politicians have a reputation for being shady but there's a difference between backyard political dealings and committing assault on a female, having DSS called to your home on multiple occasions and performing "cry for attention" acts like what he did last week. (When a person really wants to kill themselves they do and he probably would have used the gun he had. The fact he sent Blaylock that picture was just his way of trying to get her back or get her sympathy or something to that affect. I know both Brian and Heather personally and more than probably any of you so trust me on this. I have been witness to many of their dramas and I honestly couldn't tell you which one is more crazy. He shouldn't be a representative of New Hanover and she should not be a teacher.)


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