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Uhmmmm ????

No I wasn't around your county when Berger first ran, been right here in good old Bladen for over 20 years, and while we have had some ups and downs, never have we had a joke pulled on us as a whole county like Berger did to NHC. It's hard to believe that someone like him, or the people behind him, could fool as many people as he (they) did in the election.
All I had to do was hear him talk, on the news of course, one time and I knew that he was a toy short of a happy meal and yet thousands of NHC people, most likely including you, voted for him.
After doing that you have to nerve to talk about skeletons, and call the people in Bladen that you spent time with "locos" and say that we "have to contend with less than admirable kin folk". If they were loco, then why were you up here with them, you are judged by the company that you keep.
Know this Uhmmm, I have voted in every election since 1975 and I mean every single one, 100% voting record, and never have I wasted my time voting for someone as bad as all of you did, I get my info before voting and study it hard and make the right decision when I vote, the biggest mistake most people make is always voting for someone new because they are upset with what they already have, but often that bites you in the butt.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence only when it's got more BS in it.
What you all need to do is start a recall vote and replace this sick man so that you can move forward and not waste most of every meeting on him and his problems, I am sure your county has enough problems that need attention more so than him. Good Luck with getting him out of office. I like NHC and come shopping there several times a year, son is a grad of UNCW, and love PT's Grill. Good Luck.


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