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The Berger Saga

This Berger/Blaylock Saga is about to rival that of the "Frog" Strickland/R.C. Soles Saga a couple of counties over and they are quickly becoming or have become a source of embarrassment to both counties. I have always been one that was of the mindset that ones private life should remain just that, however, when it spills over into the public and involves a public official he, she or they need to work it out and be done with it and this not only goes for Mr. Soles but for Mr. Berger also. With many coming down on the side of Ms. Blaylock as being “The Victim”, and she may well be just that. She also has issues that must be dealt with so that she can move on either with or without Mr. Berger. Mr. Berger on the other hand has a higher duty as a public official to set a behavior example to the public that he has so far failed to do. He not only has become as embarrassment to himself but he has done the same to the people he was elected to serve in New Hanover County and to the people of the City of Wilmington and that makes his private life subject to the scrutiny of the media, his Republican Party, friends, constituents and the general public. Mr. Berger should consider a Leave of Absence for a period of time to get his private life in order as no public life is worth the destruction of ones private life and at the rate this saga is progressing, there can be no positive outcome for either of the parties involved.


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