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Sad situation

This is no longer a case of someone being "picked at" by the media and political foes (for the record I never thought he was being targeted unfairly especially about his adults we are expected to fulfill our obligations in a timely manner).

No matter what your political party might be, it is becoming blatantly obvious there are SERIOUS ISSUES that need to be addressed. Mr. Berger appears to be on a track with his life that will not end well. I hope that he has some family and friends who will step in and convince him to get the help he needs. This is not about being late for meetings, unemployment benefits, unauthorized car trips, and it is not even about his ex girlfriend. Its about a young man who is spiraling out of control, we can not say whether it is a mental issue or a substance abuse problem. There is a good possibility that if his life stays on this track that he will lose everything, maybe even his life. No one wants to see a young man with so much potential lose it all. Lets just hope this man gets the help he needs.


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