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complain complain complain.....

I thought this was about "larceny"... not the football game! Give it a rest ppl, football is a ROUGH sport... There may have been unecessary things that happen, but if you kids cant take a few bumps and bruises then FORGET college ball. You want to complain about the sportsmanship of the game. GET OVER IT! This incident could have been done by kids that dont even go to Ashley high school. Why is society so quick to judge?! so sad these days! blame everyone else instead of realizing that maybe football isnt your childs sport! The deputies have a job to walk around the entire game, and stadium NOT necessarily just hte school. Before you ppl judge, why not get the facts? Im sure the Sheriffs dept is doing everything they can to find who has done this, and as for the game... Gesh ppl, get over it.. its football!!


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