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all i can say to those of

all i can say to those of you who think you're better than us because you dont live in a trailer park is, you put your pants on the same way i do just remember man makes the money money never makes the man! your living arrangements dont make you a better person than me not even close to my opinion having all the fancy things makes the rest of you that dont live the way we do show just how smart you are for wasting money ,the thing that us that do live in our "trailers" dont take for granted.matter of fact its the people like us who are not scared to get dirty or work hard for a living keep the people that think they're too good but arent smart enough to do anything, able to get to your fancy jobs!but guess what we're actually happier than you little rich kids because we are not in a constant struggle to impress everybody we know how to actually live and enjoy life!


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