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Agreed and the ironic things is...

many of the people who love to make these trailer jokes usually live in apartments or starter homes - the "trailer" of the urban world! Everyone wants to look down on someone I guess and it's easy for them to make fun of the working class because it's PC to do so. People also think mobile homes are a free PC target because the residents are working class whites. Nothing is further from the truth. Mobile home parks are probably some of the more racially diverse neighborhoods there are. One of my first jobs out of college required me to visit a lot of mobile home parks & public housing and I met people of all races in the MHPs. I'll say this for them too - they're a heck of a lot safer places to be than public housing, which is NEVER an "allowable" thing to poke fun of publicly. Sure, things happen in MHPs but on the whole, I never worried for my safety while visiting them.

I grew up in a brick house, lived in many apartments during college & young adult years and now I'm back in a brick house. During my young adult years in Wilmington, I noticed so many of my apartment dwelling neighbors making "trailer trash" remarks while seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are viewed in much the same way by the single family homeowners around them. Again, everyone wants to look down on someone. No matter which neighborhood you live in, there's someone a few streets over making jokes at your expense.


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