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Hasta la vista baby

I guess we're all dreamers.

American citizens dream that the laws we have are the same for everyone.
Unfortunately, we have seen that the rich, the politically connected, and illegal (undocumented workers) aliens have a "special status".

Why should Mexican illegals reside in this country with no citizenship,
draining our social security, overloading our jails, and getting $4 billion in tax returns, (thanks to Obama's Loophole" when they are not legally entitled to it.

As for the teenage and college children, hey, i'm sorry your mom and pop broke our laws and came here, but the law is the law.

Why pay taxes, drive sober, obey the other laws if illegals don't have to obey immigration laws.

Why not just give "free screw my country" passes out at the border.

Illegals need to "get on our program" before our program gives them anything they are not "LEGALLY ENTITLED" to.

I still can't believe Obama, sworn to protect the constitution, and uphold our laws, is ready to give this country away just to get votes.


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