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What would you do?

OK first off. Let me ask this question. What if this was you? What if someone you loved and cared about was not able to get a job for some kind of misunderstanding? Watched them work hard to make a better life for themselves and their family. Would you not want to stand up for them? Personally I would. Everyone knows that the good old boy politics is alive and well. We have all seen it first hand,if not you are walking around in a fairy tale land. As for as the political games that are played in the good old boy system who is to say who is in good with them or not. You better be careful if you play it, it can turn on you at anytime. Just saying? Mrs. Yarolin is making a stand for all of us that have either been bulled or have had someone bull the ones we love. So either you agree with what she is doing or not, there is other situations that need to be addressed. Do not be critical of what she is doing.
It is not just about her husband. There are other issues at hand. Read the whole article or watch the news closer. JUST SAYING!!!!


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