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Richard White Hiding

Richard White hides behind the people that dont really know him. They dont want to know the truth about him, if they did they would read the material that Ms. Yarolin is trying to hand out. Some of these people want to be in city goverment. Are these simple minded people what we want ? Ones that are out for their own personal agenda? White is the biggest racist that ever walked. He uses the "n" word anytime is is talking about black people unless there is one around that he needs to promote his personal agenda. He is one of the good ole boys, he's been protected from the public but all the things that have been hidden are coming out. If you listen to him carefully you can catch him in a lie. I don't think that the things that Ms. Yarolin has was put on his resume for Jon David to see. Did he even look into his background ? I think Ms. Yarolin is very smart, she's done her homework and it looks like she has a very good case that an attorney might be interested in. Go Ms. Yarolin tell the public whats going on, some might be interested in the truth. Oh yea, Tigers beware, there are people out there you should be afraid to walk among.


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