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White Skips

Well I really like how Richard White handled the public forum last night. He tucked his tail between his legs, like he always does when he's confronted with the truth about him, and ran like a scalded dog. He laughs and jokes when he's slinging the mud, but don't think he is man enough to stand in the way when its coming at him. The people Of BSL need to really look into the man himself, sure he will assist you when he thinks he can look good, but don't let adversity come your way. He will throw his mother under the bus to keep from getting caught up in anything that will expose his past or the things that he has done to people that have crossed his path to his 5 minutes of fame. Ms. Yarolin has the right to confront him, not only for her husband, but all people who have been are wronged. Some people dont like what is being said about him, the truth really hurts, but it will all come out and its about time.


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