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Better battle

Oh I believe Mrs. Y. did her homework! She has it all together! If you had done YOUR homework, you would know Mr.Y is already employed as a law enforcement officer! Cleared by the state to work as one. No we can not predict the future....but we can dig up the past and that is exactly what is happening to prove your Mayor needs to be called on some of his actions. If being exact and doing your homework is what you call "drama", call it what you want. There is no better spokesman than the one we have. To start with, no one had the "guts" to come forward! Tell me something.....if WWAY didn't find this "newsworthy" what are we doing on this site? It IS the news we are on here and so was the interview....are you not aware of that?????
Good thing you said she is an instigator. If you had said alligator, White might shoot her. (heard about that a while back)


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