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You didn't get an invite?

I understand your frustrations about not getting a formal's a tissue! Please. I have been in the military for over 9 years. Did I get a invite? Nope. Will I show up there? Yes. I know what your job en-tales as i once was a Firefighter. Do you know what my job is when i am sitting across the big pond playing in the sandbox? I doubt it. You want recognition? Just shut your mouth and go there instead of spewing worthless crap about boycotting the people that are working hard to put this memorial on. Be proud of what you do! You are making yourself and the ones you work with and for look like sniveling spoiled brats. This day is not about YOU, it is about the great NATION we live in and the people we LOSS. Thank you for your service to the community...I'll thank myself to the service to the COUNTRY.
We Will NEVER Forget


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