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Interesting choice of words there Military Man. First, thank you for your military service. It is most graciously appreciated.

Secondly, whomever started this "boycott" crap is obviously an idiot. If he or she works for an EMS agency, I sincerely hope that their boss is helping them choose a new career or volunteer field. They are in the wrong one it seems, or their hobby is trying to cause trouble.

Just for perspective, let's say for a moment that next Veteran's Day, all the US Armed Services are being recognized. All except for your branch. The Secretary of Whatever either forgot all about you or just decided your branch of service doesn't deserve any recognition on this Veteran's Day.

Make you feel good? Appreciated? Respected? Like your sacrifice of being away and putting your 1/* in Harm's Way was worth the risk? That's what I thought. I'm guessing that's what these guys are feeling, except it's real to them. Not hypothetical.

EMS typically responds to five times the calls for help that the fire department does - with way less than half the trucks. The fire prevention division has all but put the FD out of business. If you want to make September 11 National Fireman Day, knock yourself out. It isn't about FD or PD or EMS though. I agree that it's way bigger than that.

EMS is, and will continue to be out there "Bustin' theirs to save yours". Is it really asking too much to just be nice to them on the day that every other Emergency Service is being patted on the back? Make them at least THINK they're appreciated? After all, they show up at anyone's house, without question at any time of the day or night and are entrusted with the lives of babies, spouses, parents, or total strangers. Does it really seem like too much of a stretch to just say "Thanks. We, as a community, appreciate it"?

I'm glad they're out there. I appreciate the work they do every day.


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