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These blogs don't even show 1% support of this thievery.

With using Eby's "magic mathematics" along with the way the question was posed, you may find support. Pose the question again in a public vote, in this manner:

"Would you support an additional annual $7.00 license tag fee for each vehicle you own to provide Wave Transit bus service to the local beaches?"

You put this question out for public vote and you will see an overwhelming, "HELL NO!" A "scientific survey"? Sorry, but Eby wouldn't know the difference between a 0.5L beaker and a sledghammer, much less what a "scientific survey" consists of. With all of the comments made to articles on this matter published by WWAY, there is little to NO support from the general public. Do Not forget that, County Commissioners!

Let's do some "basic" math here WITHOUT the magic: I am a singe man, own 2 cars, 2 motorcycles, a boat w/trailer, a utility trailer and a street legal golf cart, all of which require license plates, (7) total. goes: 7 X $7.00 = $49.00 additional per year for me alone! Good thing I don't have a spouse and children with cars to add in as well. Any responsible tax paying citizen that would support this is in desperate need for an immediate visit to their therapist.

If you can't pay your bills and support your business from the revenue derived from it, then either raise your fares, cut your routes or shut your doors. That's the way business works!


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