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Since I consider myself one

Since I consider myself one of the Tea Party, yes I would use the FEMA money for picking up the debris left behind by the storm. I am among the 50% of Americans who pay taxes and the Gov't is here to assist us during times of disaster... such as storm damage. You never hear of anyone screaming about spending money to help storm ravaged citizens. Besides, my tree hugging lib neighbor would have a stroke if I were to burn the debris and destroy his ozone again!

C-Man, if I had the chance I would ask you one question. If your household earns $5,000 per month but your bills add up to $7,500 per month what would be your first objective? Rob a bank? Print some "funny-money" in your basement? Or would it be wiser to cut back on your debt? I guess it is just so hard for me to understand a Liberal's way of thinking and why this is not CRYSTAL CLEAR!?!

One last thing... it is apparent to me that Americans are becoming more and more tolerent of socialism. We have become a country of takers and there are fewer and fewer makers. Why work hard to earn a living when you can stand with your hand held out and have it given to you by Uncle Sam? It is pathetic actually.


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