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Hey C-man.....

I can't even believe that I'm addressing you after your revolting but not surprising use of that disgusting perjorative for Tea Party folks.

First of all, yes, we DID take care of our storm debris at my house; we burned it. I am lucky enough to live in the unincorpated part of the county which thanks to the GOP majority in the GA, many of whom were elected through the hard work of Tea Partiers like myself, will NOT be annexed.

What you on the left do not seem to grasp, due no doubt to your lack of education, is that small government proponents don't want zero government. That would be anarchy. What we are in favor of is that government provide the basic services which they are intended to do: police, fire and the like. Baseball stadiums, endless parks and "green spaces" in a county with beaches, convention centers, walking trails, etc., all paid for by tax increases, coupled with excessive regulations, high salaries and outrageous pensions for governement and quasi-government employees and the like are NOT want governement should be involved with.

People of your limited intelligence, an only name-call when confronted with facts.


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