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Open letter to Mr. Berger from a NHC citizen who voted for him

Berger staying in an active political office is an embarrassment not only to his political party and affiliation, but to the citizens of New Hanover County as well.

His personal actions harm his party’s political interests and advancements, and the public attention he is receiving tarnishes the reputation of the county.

Mr. Berger, the majority of the citizens you represent wish or mean you no harm. The majority in fact most likely hope you will seek the professional services needed for you to personally sustain and enjoy a happy and prosperous life.

With the economy in shambles, unemployment rates at record highs, there has simply been too much negative attention brought to your issues. Some of that attention is self -inflicted, and other has been press hounding.
Regardless of the what, when, where, or who....

Please sir.. for the citizens you represent and those who voted for you, please step down, get out of the public spotlight and primarily, take care of yourself Mr. Berger, before you continue to do irrefutable harm to the image of our county, the citizens you were elected to represent, and the political party which you have embarrassed.

Each one of us in our lives at one time or another goes through personal issues.

Each one of us when we have issues that need attention focus on resolving the problems on our own or through assistance/professional services.
I advise you sir, for your own personal health and wellbeing to do the same before the pressures associated with everything gone not only in your life, but whet is being brought upon you, further burden, or harm you getting to the place you need to be.

You don't even have to "resign"... You may simply tell your party you need to take a medical leave of absence that could possibly last through the rest of your term, for personal and undisclosed medical reasons of necessity....

This way, you never "resigned", you save face, and you get the help needed to be the leader you have the potential to be.
Please step down sir. Your current situation is impeding the ability of our county leadership to effectively and efficiently perform the job they were elected to do and it is causing your county and your political party to look like an unprofessional sack of moonshined up hillbillies.
Please go and take care of yo7urself Mr. Berger….. Please…………..


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