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Why should Mister Jones have to pay a tax rate of 39% while Mister Smith pays a rate of 10%?

Do we have "equal protection of law" or not?

Do we live in a country founded upon the premise that all men are created equal, or not?

Then why do we penalize Mister Jones and reward Mister Smith. Why do we allow and accept a tax code that treats Americans differently?

According to the IRS, the top 10% of earners pay 69.94% of all personal income taxes collected.....but you think they should pay more? The top 1% of earners pays 38.02% of all personal income taxes collected. That's not "their fair share?" That's not enough to satisfy you?

BTW, I'm six years away from Medicare and firmly believe that it needs to be phased out....along with Medicaid. Both are part of the failed Great Society, the "War on Poverty" that has done nothing but destroy three generations of poor Americans by conditioning them to be totally dependent upon government for everything.


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