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Yeah...we could have had ol' Rubber Stamp Bill....

....the man who never met any housing development, strip mall, or apartment complex that he didn't love. Who cares about supporting infrastructure? Who cares about overloading local access roads?

Yes, we who voted for Berger were disappointed to learn that he's a whack-job who needs one of those snappy sports jackets with the sleeves that buckle together in the back. It's always a disappointment to learn that your candidate is nuts; it's a BIG disappointment.

As a man who supported Caster in most of his elections, however, I can also tell you how it feels to finally realize that your candidate only cares about packing as many real estate developments into the county as physically possible, and who was penned into history as one of the founding fathers of the oh-so-popular CFPUA. In that light, Caster shares a lot in common with Thompson and Barfield in simply failing to realize that government has no business demanding that you patronize a specific private entity. (Or creating a quasi-governmental, Frankenstein atrocity that no one can control, such as CFPUA)


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