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We all knew this was coming...

...and it was a bit overdue. The press conference was done in fairly good taste until Ted Davis had to open his yap. We simply didn't need his 10 minute rant on how screwed up Burger is, how bad he needs help, how fast he needs it and his personal medical diagnosis of Berger. We already knew all of that and didn't need to hear his rambling, self absorbed "opinions". Very typical for Mr. Davis though, as we all know how well he likes to hear himself talk.

This really is a very unfortunate situation for our county government, but we all also know that the reigning commissioners had it in for Burger since the very day he was elected. They never welcomed him in to their clique and bashed him at every opportunity. It was incessant and Burger fed it.

All I have to say now is: "One down, four to go!" Berger wasn't by any means of the imagination, the only Negative Asset our board of commissioners retains! All of you know what I'm talking about.

I surely hope that the citizens of this county will do everything in our power to get the rest of the good ol' boy clowns out and finally get some qualified service to the citizens of this county!!!


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