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People come on, can you not see that the poster was being sardonic not literal when he said that the police notified the media.

WWAY has been in Berger's face....I am sure that they have their scanners going and ran as soon as that address was announced, hell they probaly had a van in the area.

Berger has issues but the constant media coverage, is either going to make it worse, or drive him further over the edge...he needs help, and we really need to stay out of his life....he may be a public offical, but this style of reporting is too much. it has become a sad state of affairs and I hate to see the man being constantly is not going to help anyone in this county.

his friends and supporters really need to help him or talk some sense to him. He has drawn a line in the sand, adn is daring everyone to cross it. The citizens have all learned not to vote for anyone from the tea party or who Ben McKoy supports.


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