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See the smirk on his face,

See the smirk on his face, he isn't worried at all. He resigned so when he goes to court, "his" buddies will slap his hand , pat him on the back and say how sorry they are for hoo hoo, poor Lt. Miller, losing his job, his will he pay his bills, how will he survive? He knows the Judges in New Hanover County, and having worked in the jail he has worked under all of them. Why don't you people leave him alone....don't you all see HE IS THE VICTIM of a NCSHP Trooper with a quota to fill. He will get the very minimum. He isn't worried. Remember "he knows people who know people, that know people". He won't do a day in jail, no probation, he "might" pay court cost, surely he will get a limited privilege license to go back and forth, and come November when he goes to court, you know in New Hanover County where his "buddies" one will will all be swept under the rug. Wonder if the Judge will ban the Media? Ha Ha Ha you know because of the "sensitive" information.


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