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eskan village

i was in eskan village, riyadh, saudi arabia. i had just walked into the makeshift bx and looked at all my fellow airmen looking at the tv's, and i remember looking at the tv as the second plane hit and i said, "what f*cked up movie is this, oh wait this is really happening". that is when we all just knew, its time to suit up and get ready for the rest of the worst day of the modern american lives. but the scary part was i was part of a group of airmen that were downtown riyadh on 9/10/01 and we were actually getting ready to head out for another trip to the shops. the other bad thing about that base/compound, is that the intro breifing that was given to us upon arrival in may of that year, is that the "area" was built by osama's father, and funding by osama himself. he had built it many many years back so that he could get his people out of the desert and into decent living quarters. they did not want it, so he gave it to the saudi government, and then they worked a deal with the us military for it to be a forward living quarters area for the area. so much for a nice deployment...


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