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None of anyone's business

Sure I think Berger has mental problems but so do I believe being liberal is a mental disease. If anyone needs to go it is Barfield who needs to lose weight and shave but does that affect his politics. No he would still act dumb whether he lost weight and shaved. Between Saffo and Barfield I cannot think of which one makes me sickest, both in real estate and both pocketing money through political affliations. How about Thompson, a loud mouth buffoon. It is none of anyone's business what anyone does on private time. I can see no effect on the county's work force, duties and responsibilities. I do see a bunch of politicians I do not trust, have been in office to long and have their own personal misgivings. We just do not know about it. Look at what our politicians have done for us, Local, State and Federal. Recession, unemployment, regulations,crooked politics. bad judges, bureacratic nightmares. I guess we deserve it, we keep electing these idiots to serve. But not me, I sleep with a clear conscience cause I did not vote for any of them and in 2012 will not again.


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