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His own words

"Berger...blamed the other commissioners for the distractions caused by his personal life becoming public." - Always blame the other guy for your problems; maybe someone of your voters will believe it (the stupid ones).

"I believe I have been an effective commissioner and will be more effective moving forward." Denial.

""I know I do a very effective job when it comes to informing the public and making sure the public is aware of decision being made that affect their lives..." - Denial.

"...the constant hand-wringing and attention some other members of the board have devoted to my private life has in fact created a distraction the actual events did not create" - Again, blame the other guys.

"Berger said he has no history of violence." - Total denial.

"...but I am sincere and genuine, and my comments this evening are just that" - Denial.

"Berger refused to explain what led to him winding up in the hospital after the reported suicide attempt." - Uh, it was probably the fact that he carved up his arm like a Thanksgiving turkey.

"He also refused to answer questions many residents and county employees have raised about how the judgment he has shown in his personal life may translate to his ability to govern." - I can tell you how it translates...he can't govern.

Brian Berger needs to go. His in ineffective as a leader and has serious mental issues which prevent him from performing the duties of his position.


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