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I love how everyone is

I love how everyone is passing judgement on her like shes a completely terrible person because of this.

1) People make mistakes, shes a person so she is prone to them just like everyone.
2) People fight, it doesn't make it right but it also doesn't necessarily make it wrong.
3) You don't know what it was over, it might of been something stupid or something serious.

Human nature people, although sometimes it's unneeded it can't be completely filtered out and everyone has gotten into a fight here and there. Not to mention although she instigated her friends played a big role in it by cheering her on, pushing her into the other girl, and yelling out the malicious things she should do.

The only reason people are hating is because she had "15 minutes of fame" and even better she had a child prematurely, so now they will use this to try and completely discredit her as a mother and as a person.

You people make me sick.


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