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don't be so stupid

1) “People who make bad/poor choices in life usually continue to do so through out life”- quote from my brothers lawyer- and from my experience the lawyer was very right. She made a poor choice getting knocked up at an early age, then she made a another poor choice to fight another person bc she was “egged-on” by friends? Then she posted it online to brag- just go ahead and add in being a stupid sheep to her choice of bad decisions.
2) She posted this on the web to brag, as if fighting like this is somehow cool and respectful, but really it just shows how degenerated and trashy this lady is (her mentality is that of cavemen- a regression of evolution I guess). She is just showing the public that she just isn’t capable of making good choices in life. Since she has already made such poor choices with her life there is a very high chance that we will see this trash on the news again for something stupid. Stop trying to defend this worthless sperm receptacle.
3) No I don’t know what it was over, but you know what I do know? That fighting is illegal! It doesn’t matter what it was over- in a civilized society you take your grief’s to court not have your friends sound a person and then jump on an outnumbered person- again is just showing the rest of us that she can not follow the laws and rules of a civilized society. She is just a trashy heathen who calls other trash her friends. The judge was too light on her- she should have done some time in jail to show her how “tough” she really is, but with her history of bad choices I’m sure she will end up there soon enough. Maybe we will get lucky and she will drink and drive herself into a tree and do the rest of us a favor.


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