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Passing Judgement? I don't think so..

Janelle has done nothing to prove that she is a good person. I don't think the only reason people are hating Janelle is because her "15 minutes of fame." Janelle has allowed America to watch her spiral downward and do nothing to benefit her child. It's very obvious Janelle cares about no one, but Janelle. Jace is a beautiful little boy, who deserves the world. I watched Janelle on teen mom from the beginning and not one time did a ever feel that she had any true love for Jace. Janelle is not only a bad person, but she's a terrible mother and I don't even think she deserves to have that title. There comes a day when people have to stop blaming their past for the reason they are who they are and move on. Janelle should have done that the minute she became a mother. I have no sympathy for her. Not one time do I remember Janelle walking out of her mother's house and saying goodbye to Jace. In fact, I remember several times Jace looking out the window while Janelle walked away. Jace deserves better and it saddens me that he has the mother that he has. For you to sit here and defend Janelle with no merit, is ridiculous. So I believe it may be YOU, whom makes ME sick.


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