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Cue the Violins!

Brian Berger is a classless disturbing individual! I'm going to go ahead and preface my comments by saying I know all parties involved here personally. I know Brian, I know Heather, I know both the boys and I know THEIR FATHER! Yes, that's right, you read it here first folks. I know their father who, contrary to what sad stories Brian uses to try and make himself look better, WAS THE FIRST MAN THEY CALLED DAD! Not Brian. It absolutely disgusts me that this man is using these two innocent children to create a sob story for himself that makes him look better. These boys have a wonderful father that they see every other week as Heather and their father have 50/50 custody. HE NEVER ABANDONED THEM!!! Brian is the one that had had not one but TWO DSS cases opened against him since January regarding these boys! The boys weren't even allowed to be anywhere near him per DSS as they felt Brian was unsafe. And as for the boys crying and all that nonsense? I have shared a car with those two kids and have heard myself stories about Brian that have had me on the phone with their mother almost in tears! (Who takes away space heaters from a 5 and 3 year old as punishment and leaves the house so cold you can see your breath? A sick man that's who, Brian.) Brian Berger blames everyone for his current state but himself. It's the commissioners, its the police, its Heather, its always someone other than him. Reading this and knowing what Brian tells people to try and pull on their heartstrings and make himself look better makes me want to cry. This man should be in a padded room, not in a position of any power.


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