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One way empathy street...

Aside from the email snooping,it's disconcerting that Mr. Townsend extends such empathy and emotional sharing with Mr. Berger while totally missing the fact that there are several TRUE victims that are overlooked and more worthy of his attention.The ex-GF has been as humiliated as Berger;been the victim of his emotional/physical abuse;has had personal medical diagnostic accusations(by him)disclosed w/o her permission-the list goes on..He is older than her and more experienced and has knowingly taken advantage of her,along with her children to meet his demands for affection.He declares love for her,when it's actually obsession w/ a big dose of selfishness.I'd bet the farm that his mental fraility list is a mile longer than the ex-Gf,anyday of the week.Finally-I believe Mr. Townsend made a mistake in contacting this man,due to his afilliation w/ WECT and the fact that there are/should be plenty of less-risky individuals to emote your past personal disappointments with.Mr. Townsend needs to keep seeing his wonderful doctor.


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