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The Truth

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IS OFF THE RECORD WWAY AND I DO NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE IT!!!! : I wanted to make a few things clear. First of all, I am Heather Blaylock, Brian Berger's ex-girlfriend. I have tried to keep myself out of the media in order to protect my children from any exposure and to protect my job. It has been very difficult reading all the lies WWAY has written about me but this article is something I cannot just ignore for it creates severe difficulties in my life. Of all the articles WWAY has run mentioning me, they only once tried to contact me for any clarity or comment and that was almost two weeks ago. They never felt the need to let me know anything was appearing on their website. When they ran the article about last Friday night they stated that I had invited Brian to my home to watch movies. That was a lie. Brian and I met at the mall so we could discuss me getting some personal belongings out of his home. When I got in my car to drive home, Brian grabbed my steering wheel so I could not leave and began screaming and crying about how he could not let me go. This made my children begin to cry. He kept asking to see me later to watch a movie. After a few minutes of asking him to go away, and after telling him no, and pointing out how he was only upsetting my children, I finally told him I would meet him to watch a movie at my apartment. I never intended to and just said that so he would get out of my car and I could get my children away from a distructive situation. I even told the police that Friday night. I never met with him at my home. WWAY failed to report the story this way. I also never declined a protection order. That was another lie. The police told me Friday night I should get one and I asked them how I could. They said I had to go to the Clerk of Court and get one but since it was the start of Labor Day weekend, I would have to wait till Tuesday to get one. I said fine and that was that. I never declined. I even left a voicemail to Scott Pickey explaining this and yet they still ran another article later saying I declined the order. Finally, I have never been diagnosed with any disorder of any kind. Anyone who knows me knows I am a very rational person who thinks things through before I act. My biggest flaw was that I fell in love with Brian. He was not always like this. We had been together two and a half years (well before he even thought about running for office) and he was not the person then that he is now. He is so desperate to pin the blame on someone else that he will throw anyone under the bus: the police dept, the other commissioners, and now me. The fact he claimed I had a disorder is a complete lie and he is just burning the few bridges he still had left. I still wish for him to get help, but I wish to god he had not dragged me and my children down with him. All I ever wanted was a quiet and peaceful life and he has made that impossible. I tried to help him so many times and he would just not accept it. While I wish to remain out of the media, I needed those reading the above lies to learn the truth. These lies Brian has spread are devastating to me, professionally, socially, and emotionally. I don't understand why people would believe a man who pretended to be committing suicide just to get the attention he required and who tried to tarnish the WPD's name. I will not be speaking to the media about all that has occured because I wish to move on with my life, but when libel is taking place, I need to do something to defend myself, for my sake and my children's. Thank you all for the time you took to read this. I pray Brian gets the help he needs before he does not have a friend in the world.


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