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starnews ROFLMAO

The Starnews is barely above WWAY and their tabloid mentality. They even admitted it was one of their reports who broke this story but the difference is the Starnews walked away from the article while WWAY chose to sink to a new low.. Trust me I wont get bored there are tons of other news sources online available besides tabloid trash reporting that passes for journalism, then again sadly most main streak media has gone that route. All for sensationalism and exploitation vs common decency and respect in reporting. I mean next thing you know WWAY will be reporting what Berger had for every meal and when he takes a crap and analyze why he wipes the way he does as a sign of his mental capacity. Yes Mr Berger has significant issues and I agree he probably needs to resign to focus on his own well being and health and get his life together but airing private emails in public is beyond acceptable. Id like to know who the person was in the NHC Govt on the payroll who leaked these emails and obviously went looking for these deliberately should be disciplined or terminated for his actions because there was no investigation on going or need to release these emails other then dirty politics or motivation for sensationalism of Mr Bergers situation.


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