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I used to live in Wilmington and now reside in SC. I must say, I can't seem to stay away from ILM news and WWAY is reporting it like it's never been told before! Call it gossip, etc., but who else has the kahunas to go above and beyond and dig deep into the lives of politicians, etc? It's not WECT, or the StarNews. It's WWAY. Folks this is what true journalism represents, period. Don't blame WWAY or any news source for "sinking to a new low." At the end of the day, Berger, Townsend, Blaylock, and whoever else is in the news made their beds. If they didn't act up, they wouldn't be in the news. I commend WWAY for TRUE journalism and reporting the REAL news. I can't stay away from this website or the live feeds of the daily news. I'm freakin addicted to all this Berger mess and if nothing else, his life is what reality TV is all about. It's not Keeping up with the Kardashains, Big Brother,'s Berger and whoever else seems to be newsworthy, and WWAY keeps reporting it.

I love this station, and will always be loyal to them.

**Imagine all the things we wouldn't know if it weren't for WWAY reporting it...look at it like that."

It's beter to have more than enough information than to have very little or none at all. Kudos to you folks, and keep reporting the great news of Wilmington!


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