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Another move to put more belt back in the bible

Go ahead, all you religious fanatics who think this is a positive move. Those same who want to go to church on Sunday and ask for forgiveness for sins.

Call it a union, call it a legal joint agreement but whatever you do, do not ban it. This only makes the state creep further into the homes of those who are heterosexual and homosexual. The state wants to stand as this ultra-religious, holier then the rest of the country, pride of the south, bible thumping, holy warrior state. However, this is just another way to treat people as outcasts and make them feel unwelcome.

Its another way where bible carrying politicians FAIL TO DEAL with real problems such as 12% of North Carolinians without a job or our ever failing public education system nearing worst in the entire country. No, instead our elected lawmakers are concerned with what people do in their bedrooms.

I'm not homosexual, but I have friends who have been born this way. Most of them would change it if they could, others embrace their lifestyle. In any case, they should not be judged by the state of North Carolina or anything else. If these lawmakers want to say that gay marriage is a sin, do it in your damn church on Sunday.

God doesn't care. Neither do most of the citizens, just the paranoid ones who are afraid that someone else who is different might drink the same water they do.

Its 2011, 50 years ago we did the same thing to African-Americans, now they are doing the same thing to homosexuals. This is a step in the wrong direction and we continue to lose our unity as residents of this state.

Disappointing, very disappointing.


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