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You are 100% correct from a religious view

However, you live in a country governed by a constitution that is secular in nature and insures equal rights to all, even homosexuals and Lesbians.

As far as your not "condoning" homosexuality, good luck. I believe that you would find every heterosexual who respects and understands the Constitution rising against you. Should they have the right to redefine the word marriage? No. Should they receive every single legal right and protection that a heterosexual does? Absolutely. That's hy the government needs to register domestic partnerships only and get OUT of the marriage approval business.

Here's what you seemingly don't understand. A man or woman has a legal right in this country TO BE A SINNER. They have a right to drink. They have the right to be as flamingly gay or alarmingly butch as they want to be. They don't need your approval. They don't need the church's approval.

The Bible and Christianity clearly condemn homosexuality, but neither is the law governing this land.

Perhaps you'd do better joining the Taliban?


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