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Fix It

There is absolutely no excuse or justification for what happened. The school will start playing the blame game, but everyone is to blame. Perhaps they need to re-think letting 5th graders get children to the buses if that is what they are doing. The principal needs to be upfront about this and re-evaluate the school policy. First of all, the bus driver needs suspension until this is cleared up. He/she has no excuse for what they did - I am sure they are in a hurry to get kids dropped off, but she failed in her job to protect that child. The school board needs to investigate NOW and get clarification on what happened and make sure that it doesn't happen again. This ended up happily - it could have been worse and no child should have to pay for someone elses stupidity and disregard.

I don't think the parent should sue, but she should make sure this is taken care of and keep us informed of what is going on.

And for some of you that have made such crass, stupid remarks about this situation - it is not funny nor appreciated. I am sure that if it happened to you or a family member, you wouldn't be laughing.


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