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Are you a parent? I would assume not based on this completely idiotic statement. You know what my responsibility is as a parent? It's working full-time so I can provide a stable, loving home in which my children can grow. My job requires that I be at work from 7am to 4pm. Since you're obviously of a higher level of intelligence, please enlighten me as to how I'm supposed to pick my children up from school at their release time of 2:30.

I guess I could follow your theory of "responsibility" and just blow off work. However, my guess is that when I lose my job and can't pay my mortgage you'll be the first one complaing about my lazy attitude and how I'm living off of gov't handouts.

Guess what? My tax dollars (as well as some of my add'l salary) pay for their school AND transportation. When children are sent to a public school this is what's expected. I don't live in Brunswick Co. but we've had similar problems with our school system's transportation program. However, we do expect them to run a competent system.

Tell you what, I promise that if I ever hit the lottery or otherwise become independently wealthy, I'll quit my career of 17 years, place my kids in private school, and cater to their every transportation need just to make you happy.


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