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You're DARNED right I'm serious!

I've worked 35 hard years to pay my taxes, raise and educate my children and hell yes, I get sick and tired of our hardworking tax money being spent on the lazy, inept and irresponsible people that can't take care of even the simplest needs of their own children (or themselves)!

Nobody has intended for may tax money to spent as day care and baby sitting for those of you that are too lazy or too simple minded to take care of your own children by doing a bit of planning and coordination. The school system is for TEACHING, not daycare! You want to place the safety of your children at age 5 in someone elses hands, then plan and expect total disaster! Just don't attempt to blame YOUR decisionmaking on anyone but yourself and make an effor to be accountable for your own offspring! We're not talking about Cadillacs and shiney BMW's here, it's a tiny little 5 yr old girl that knows nothing about the outside world and has absolutely no method of protecting herself. That safety is the PARENTS responsibility...Get it???

Basic common sense and thinking by ANY rational adult would dictate to NEVER leave a little five year old girl in someone elses hands! The ignorance I'm seeing here is somewhat overwhelming! The total LACK of responsibility and accountability by the placing of blame with this circumstance on others is even worse!


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