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Let's set the records straight Mr. Guest 461

Since you felt the need to bring your race into the picture, then I will do so as well. I am also a very successful that happens to be African American. I don't know about you dollar for dollar contribution but I have my own company (J&G Transport) and own six tractor trailers with drivers for all that I pay unemployment insurance and payroll. I gross high six figures and am 37 years old. I own my home and along with my vehicles. Where in this story did it say anything about the financial situation of the parents or did you just assume it because they work at Wal-Mart? I also believe in the use of tax dollars to get people on their feet for short term use, so I guess we agree with the career welfare recipients. I think what people are saying is that the child should not have been let off in an incorrect place other than where she has been let off in the past. How should the parents be charged with neglect if the bus driver let the child off at the wrong stop? That statement makes is completely asinine. Who is farming babies and what type of dis-respectful terminology is that to use toward someone else? I know, you could really care less about this child or anyone else as long as it's not you it's alright to sit back and spout any amount of pointless garbage that you can think of. Well keep it up because you're doing a fine job....


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